Yes. I have been stupid. I am one of those persons putting a website on a dedicated server and thinking that nothing can go wrong. That backups are good, that I should do them one day, but not today. And then, shit happens. No backup. Bye bye archives.

Well, let’s just say that this is a brand new start. There wasn’t too much interesting content on there anyway. And I wanted to get my hands together and start writing again. Sometimes it will be technical, sometimes about photography, sometimes about personal stuff and sometimes even in exotic languages like french or dutch.

At this point I’m still messing with my stylesheet. Trying to find the right theme. The right color scheme. Meh. It will take a while. I want something nice. I want something responsive. I don’t want something too overloaded. Let’s see what the web has to offer me!

7 thoughts on “Experiments

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  2. Bonjour,

    je cherche à vous joindre pour l’utilisation d’une de vos photos, pourriez vous me recontacter s’il vous plaît? Je n’ai pu trouver une adresse de contact nulle part sur internet, c’est pourquoi je pose cette question dans un commentaire de votre site.


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