Default hotel wifi admin password, thank you !

I just arrived in my hotel in Tunis and had an issue connecting my phone to the wifi. The wifi network had an accent in the name, I suppose that this could be related to my issue (phone, or router, I don’t know). I didn’t have any problem connecting to the wifi using my computer, though. The trolls among you will probably think the problem is Android, not the wifi :-)

So I thought, what if I did connect to the router web interface and remove that accent from the SSID? Well, guess what, they had left the default admin/admin. I didn’t manage to change the SSID name but found out the router was actually also broadcasting another SSID, that had a password set. I was able to retrieve that password to connect my phone !

Capture d’écran 2013-04-25 à 17.46.25

I should do this more often. Here is a link that could help me in the future. It seems so logical hotels and others are just worried about a solution that works and that doesn’t cost that much money, so why should they put more money in something more secure?

Update: tonight I went to a Tunis restaurant. They had wifi. But it didn’t work. So once again, I tried admin / admin on the web UI behind the router IP. I could restart their internet connection and it worked. #win !

Screenshot_2013-04-25-21-41-04 Screenshot_2013-04-25-21-44-38

Unrelated: while looking for a feature image for this post I stumbled upon the coolest animated gif ever. If I ever get interviewed on TV again I will put this on.

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